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Automated Order Entry

Automated Order Entry for Newspaper Subscription Sales

As part of our subscription sales, telemarketing, and retention services, we offer automated order entry for any new subscription and order that our representatives process. Automated order entry allows us to seamlessly enter sold orders directly into your newspaper database. This can save you time as your in-house customer service or order processing departments will not need to re-enter each sale that is made. Additionally, it allows you to maintain proper and organized sales and subscription records. Finally, because our order entry teams can work with any system or database, this convenience is a benefit to any of our clients.

To learn more about any of our sales telemarketing or retention services that our available to newspapers across the country and to find out about developing a plan that meets the needs of your business, please contact us today.

Benefits of Automated Order Entry Services

With our automated order entry services, we can enter orders sold as part of a telemarketing campaign, orders received during inbound customer service calls, and any other orders processed by our customer service support and telemarketing representatives.

Automated order entry offers a number of benefits to our clients including saving time and money, eliminating inaccuracies, and overall creating a smoother relationship between our company and yours. Benefits you will receive from our automated order entry services include:

  • Compatibility with any system, platform, or database: We can train our order entry team on any system in order to seamlessly enter new orders into your system.
  • Elimination of in-house order processing work: With our automated order entry services, your in-house departments will not be left with excess work entering orders following a successful telemarketing or retention campaign. This results in significant time and money savings.
  • Development and maintenance of organized records: Because our order entry team can enter orders or subscriptions directly into your database, this keeps your databases organized and prevents the loss of data as well as inaccuracies in data.
  • Promoting a compatible relationship between our company and your newspaper: Because we can directly enter sales and orders into the same database that you are familiar with, this creates a compatible relationship between our companies and eliminates the hassle of training your employees in new processes.

Learn More About our Automated Order Entry Services

Our complete customer service and telemarketing services can help any newspaper to manage existing customers, improve customer relationships, increase customer retention, and obtain new subscriptions. If you are interested in learning more about our automated order entry services along with any of our newspaper sales or retention services, please contact our customer call center and telemarketing company.

Our automated order entry services allow us to enter customer data and orders directly into your system. They are available with any of our subscription sales and retention services for newspapers including:

Automated Order Entry & Telemarketing for Newspapers