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Benefits of Using Inbound Call Centers

Benefits of Inbound Call Centers for Newspapers

Using an inbound call center to offer customer service to your potential and existing subscribers can have a number of benefits for newspapers. These benefits include benefits to the customers, internal benefits for employees and departments, and company wide benefits. For example, using inbound call centers can improve your overall customer service and enhance your relationship with existing customers. Additionally, inbound call centers offer an affordable solution to managing and responding to incoming calls and questions from customers. Finally, the use of an inbound call center can replace or supplement an in house customer service department.

To learn more about using an inbound call center to offer customer service support, process payments, fulfill orders, conduct special campaigns, and collect customer information, please contact our telemarketing and call service center company. You can also learn more about or outbound telemarketing and inbound call center services online.

Benefits of Inbound Call Centers for Customer Service Support Include:

  • Reduced Customer Wait Times: If your in house customer service department frequently receives more calls than they can handle, it may be a good idea for you to work with an inbound customer service center. In this situation, inbound customer service centers can receive overflow calls in order to handle customer needs quickly and efficiently. You may need call center support only during certain busy times and special campaigns or on a more regular basis.
  • Expanded Customer Service Availability Hours: The Pisa Group’s inbound call centers are available during evening, holiday, and weekend hours to receive incoming calls. This allows you to expand your customer service availability outside of regular business hours for increased convenience to your potential and current subscribers.
  • Reduced Costs per Transaction: Typically for newspapers, the cost per transaction or phone call when using a inbound call center is cheaper than the costs associated with maintaining a large customer service department. Therefore, working with our inbound call centers to handle customer service types of transactions will allow you to reach customers better and handle issues more efficiently while also benefiting from lowers costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationships: The representatives at our inbound call centers have training and experience to deal with the unique customer service needs of readers. Therefore, working with one of our call centers can improve your ability to react and respond to customer needs and questions. This results in higher customer satisfaction and better relationships with customers.
  • Improved Customer Retention: At The Pisa Group, the representatives at our inbound call center have experience and thorough training dealing with retention issues. We set our goal at reaching 35% or higher stop saves. Additionally, because better customer service means higher levels of customer satisfaction, this can further help retain existing customers.
  • Increased Opportunities to Up-Sell: The Pisa Group’s customer service representatives have been trained on a variety of techniques in order to up-sell new and existing customers. Using our inbound call centers to handling incoming customer service questions, allows these representatives opportunities to encourage customers to upgrade subscriptions.
  • Improved Data Collection: Our inbound call centers are able to maintain accurate and detailed records regarding types of calls received and common issues addressed. This information can be used for a number of purposes including when creating a marketing database for defining customer bases and developing telemarketing campaigns.

To learn more about the benefits of working with an inbound call center for your customer service, payment processing, retention, and acquisition services, please contact The Pisa Group at our call service center.