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Call Center Support for Sales & Other Customer Service Responsibilities

Call Center Support Services for Newspapers | Inbound Call Center

Having a sound customer service department that can handle and respond to customer problems, issues, and communications in a timely manner is important for any business or newspaper. It is important to maintain superior customer relations with all customers. This often includes having an inbound call center that can manage incoming calls during any busy time or non-peak time of the day. Customers appreciate having their calls managed by a person and experiencing short or no wait times. With call center support services from The Pisa Group, we can supplement your in house customer service efforts or provide complete services with our inbound customer service centers. Whether you need call center support for special campaigns or other short-term situations, or you need a long-term call center support solution, we can help.

To learn more about our call center support services and to find out how we can help, contact our call service center and telemarketing company. You can also learn more about our inbound call center services and outbound telemarketing services online.

Our Call Center Support Services

At The Pisa Group, our call center support services can supplement your existing customer service department on a short-term or temporary basis or for longer periods of time. We offer a complete variety of services including acquisition, retention, nurturing, and customer service support. Our call center support services can meet your needs during all aspects of the customer lifecycle. We can even select from our complete offering of services in order to develop a plan or program that is able to best meet your needs.

We can:

Call Center Support Services | Newspaper Call Center Services
  • Handle overflow calls during peak hours and busy times and other times of increased demand
  • Handle calls during evenings, weekends, and other hours when your department is closed
  • Handle inbound calls during special promotions
  • Handle inbound calls on or around holidays
  • Respond to customer complaints, inquiries, or questions
  • Process and complete new subscription sales
  • Collect and process credit card and check by phone transactions
  • Respond to service issues
  • Manage billing dispute resolution
  • Process vacation stops and starts
  • Initiate and manage special campaigns
  • Offer bilingual customer support services

Why Choose our Call Center Support Services

At The Pisa Group, we have the experience needed to help you create and implement successful marketing campaigns and provide excellent customer service. With our call center support services, we can offer customer acquisition, service, nurturing, and retention support. We understand the importance of building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Our representatives have been thoroughly trained in sales, retention, and the unique service needs of readers. We are prepared to assist and supplement your customer service department with our inbound call center support services. We can also offer a number of additional outbound telemarketing services as needed.

To learn more about any of our call center support or telemarketing services, please contact us at The Pisa Group. On our website, you can also learn more about the benefits of using inbound call centers to supplement or replace an in house customer service department.