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Inbound Call Center Services for Newspapers

Inbound Call Center Services & Marketing for Newspapers

As a leading newspaper subscription telemarketing and customer support company, we understand that customer service and improving customer relationships is important for any newspaper. Therefore, we have developed inbound call centers in order to handle a variety of types of incoming calls for our customers. From managing customer service questions to implementing special campaigns and direct response programs, our inbound call center services complement our outbound telemarketing and customer service efforts. We are also a domestic call center based in the Midwest. This allows us to staff our centers with CSR's that are easy to understand and who understand the culture of the domestic newspaper reader. To learn more about our services and to discuss how the services available from our inbound call centers can best meet your needs, please contact our call service center today.

Our primary inbound call center services include offering inbound customer service as well as offering a variety of call center support services. The call center support services offered at our inbound call centers can supplement your in house customer service department temporarily or on a long-term basis. Our inbound customer service efforts include answering customer questions, processing payments by phone, conducting surveys, and otherwise managing incoming customer service related phone calls. All of these services that are available from our inbound call center can supplement your other customer service and telemarketing efforts in order to build and improve customer relationships and increase subscriptions.

Types of Services Available from Our Inbound Call Centers

At The Pisa Group, we can manage a complete variety of types of calls and transactions with our inbound call centers. Services available from our inbound call centers include those related to customer acquisition, customer service issues, nurturing relationships with existing customers, and improving retention rates for existing customers. These services can be used alone or in combination with our outgoing telemarketing services to help you achieve customer retention and subscription goals. Our available inbound call center services include:

Customer Service

  • Vacation Stops
  • Service Errors
  • NIE Vacations
  • Restarts
  • Receive payments by credit card or check by phone
  • Permanent Stops
  • Upgrades / Downgrades
  • Account Info Changes / Updates
  • Billing Inquiries & Billing Dispute Resolution
  • Electronic Edition Questions
  • Moves
  • Complaint Management
  • Transfer Calls to Proper Departments as Needed
  • Single Copy Orders
  • Overflow Calls
  • After Hour Calls
  • Bilingual Call Management

New Subscription Acquisition

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Direct Response Programs
  • Up-Sell Programs
  • New Order Verification
  • Specialized Campaigns

Nurturing Customer Relationships

  • Product Changes
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Service Issue Escalation
  • Contractor Relations

Customer Retention

  • Inbound Stop Saves
  • EZ Pay Conversions
  • Payment Collections

To learn more about any of our inbound call center services and to find out how these services can supplement your customer service efforts, please feel free to contact our telemarketing and call service center.

Why Choose Our Inbound Call Centers

Inbound Call Center Services for Newspapers

Offering professional and friendly inbound customer service to potential and existing customers can improve a newspaper’s image and reputation while also increasing sales and customer retention. It is important that a company’s inbound call center is able to handle incoming calls during regular business hours, after hours, and during times of increased calls. Outsourcing to an inbound call center can help to ensure that each customer’s needs are met efficiently and effectively. At The Pisa Group, we offer customer service support and call center support services to assist or replace your in house customer service department. We can handle all types of transactions and requests from those related to new subscriptions and starts to those that are related to nurturing and growing customer relationships.

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