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Target Marketing & Marketing Database Development

The Pisa Group has the technology and knowledge to design and implement a target marketing approach for you. We will work with you through the entire marketing database development and target marketing process from identifying a market to identifying ways to reach that market. We can help you to distinguish the most and least attractive prospects for your business. After developing this database for marketing, we can then offer our additional outbound telemarketing services in order to help you increase retention and sales. To learn more about any of our telemarketing or inbound call center services, please contact our call service center and telemarketing company.

Developing a Marketing Database

Marketing Database Development & Telemarketing for Newspapers

Using our experience and knowledge, The Pisa Group can develop a marketing database that is specifically based on your target market. We can help you to understand the dynamics of your market by “drilling down” to the household and individual level. We will devise a marketing database creation program that will give you a detailed view of your market today as well as provide you with list append, data linking, matching, manipulation, and warehousing.

With our database program and target marketing services, we can analyze your marketing database in order to distinguish your most likely and least likely prospects. Based on your desired target market, we can target specific market segments that will reduce your acquisition costs and improve customer retention.

After developing an accurate and effective marketing database, we can utilize powerful features to provide optimal performance. This includes offering database monitoring tools that incorporate marketing concepts in a team approach for both circulation and advertising executives.

Benefits of Target Marketing and Using a Database for Marketing

As a leading telemarketing services company working with newspaper subscription sales, The Pisa Group recognizes the many benefits of using a database for marketing. Because database marketing involves looking at the past purchases and behaviors of customers and applying this information to predict future purchases, it can provide a somewhat accurate prediction of future purchases. Using target marketing through database marketing can also help determine the specific type of consumer and demographic that is most likely to purchase.

Main benefits of using a marketing database include the ability to:

  • Divide Potential Customers Based on Buying Habits and Other Trends
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Discover Patterns and Demographics that Define More Attractive Customers
  • Target and Market to Specific Market Segments that Display Greater Interest
  • Reduce Time and Money Spent Marketing to Less Attractive Customers

Using a Database for Marketing

Database Marketing Services for Newspapers

At The Pisa Group, we can use information obtained from analyzing your marketing database to develop specific target markets and market segments. We can then utilize these different markets during different types of outgoing marketing campaigns including during:

To learn more about target marketing and developing and utilizing a marketing database to obtain new newspaper subscriptions and increase retention rates, please contact The Pisa Group, a call service center and telemarketing company.