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Outbound Customer Service Support

Outbound Customer Sercvice Centers | Newspaper Telemarketing

While many businesses are familiar with inbound customer service centers and the benefits that using these offer to a business, the use of outbound customer service centers is less well known, but just as equally important. Outbound customer service centers are customer service centers that instead of receiving incoming calls from customers make outgoing calls to existing customers and potential customers. Outbound customer service centers can respond to email complaints and questions from current and potential customers. They can also offer a number of customer retention services including EZ pay conversions and payment reminder calling. These customer service centers can even perform special campaigns that focus on subscription sales and upgrades.

Outbound customer service centers are important because they generally improve a company’s relationship with customers. Customers prefer to speak with a live person when conducting business, and therefore using customer service centers for retention services and other customer service aspects can increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, customers feel appreciated when their questions, concerns, and issues are able to be handled quickly with effective customer service.

At The Pisa Group, we offer a variety of outbound customer service communications and services through our outbound customer service centers. To learn more about these services or other outbound telemarketing services and to find out how they can help your company, please call our telemarketing company and call service center today.

What Outbound Customer Service Centers Do

An outbound customer service center is a customer service center that focuses on making outbound calls from the company to a customer. These calls can be to follow up from a customer question or contact, to offer additional products and new services to existing customers, or to update customer information and perform customer surveys. In general, outbound customer service centers focus on enhancing an existing relationship with a customer or potential customer. As it relates to newspaper subscription sales, outbound customer service centers largely provide customer retention telemarketing services as well as other types of customer convenience services.

Our Outbound Customer Service Center Services

Our outbound customer service centers can offer a number of customer service support and retention services to help enhance your relationship with customers and improve retention rates. Our outbound customer service centers also offer services to help you better understand your customers. With help from our outbound customer service centers, you can better reach customers and meet their needs.

Types of calls and transactions that are available through our outbound customer service centers include:

  • Subscription Sales
  • Upgrades
  • NIE Donations & Solicitations
  • Account Info Changes / Updates
  • Content Surveys and Questions
  • Sunday Select/YES Campaigns
  • Reponses to E-mail Transactions / Questions
  • Electronic Edition Questions
  • Vacation Packs
  • Stop Saves
  • Easy Pay Conversions
  • Non Pay Renewal
  • Payment Reminder Calling
  • Collections
  • Paid In Advance Collections
  • Up-Sell Programs
  • Special Campaigns

If you would like to learn more about these services available from our customer service centers, please feel free to contact us.