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Reverse Telemarketing Campaigns for Newspapers

Reverse Telemarketing Services for Newspapers

Our reverse telemarketing campaigns are a great way to secure additional starts without damaging your current rotation. In general, a reverse telemarketing campaign is a campaign in which we attempt to have your potential customers call in and provide personal information in order to enter a contest. Our sales representatives will then also attempt to sell subscriptions to these new customers while on the phone. This reverse telemarketing approach lets you contact potential buyers that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to reach as a result of new do not call legislation. This is an effective and unique approach to telemarketing that can be successful for any newspaper.

To learn more about our reverse telemarketing services and to find out how we can integrate a reverse telemarketing campaign into your business plan, please contact our call center and telemarketing company.

How Our Reverse Telemarketing Works

Our reverse telemarketing campaigns include using a contest or incentive to encourage potential customers to contact us directly. Our telemarketing professionals and customer service representatives then gather personal information and attempt to secure a subscription from customers while on the phone. These campaigns have proven to be extremely effective thanks to our talented customer service representatives and sales professionals. We have closed up to 40% of the entries on past projects and reverse telemarketing campaigns.

Reverse Telemarketing Campaigns for Newspapers & Newspaper Subscription Sales

With our reverse telemarketing campaigns:

  • The Pisa Group will first purchase a prize or incentive that will be given away to a contest winner. This is typically a $500 gas card or some other gift card of your choice.
  • You will then run an insert in your single copy papers promoting a contest where customers can enter to win the card by calling our 800 number.
  • When customers “call in” to enter the contest, they will speak with a reverse telemarketing expert from The Pisa Group. To enter the contest, each customer will be required to provide their name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • After collecting this information, our sales professionals will attempt to secure a subscription from each single copy reader.
  • At the end of the promotion, we will send you all of the information on the contest entries, including information on those customers with whom we were unable to close a subscription. This information is great marketing information for reaching single copy readers, and it can be used in the future to advertise via mail or email campaigns.

Because our reverse telemarketing campaigns are targeted to customers who buy single copy papers, these campaigns target great prospects, many of whom cannot easily be called or reached because of existing do not call lists. Therefore, our reverse telemarketing campaigns allow us to sell extra starts without damaging or effecting your current rotation.

Learn More About Our Reverse Telemarketing Campaigns

If you are interested in learning more about our reverse telemarketing campaigns and how our reverse telemarketing services can help you advertise your newspaper to new customers in order to generate new subscriptions, please contact us today. With our complete telemarketing and customer service related services, our call center and telemarketing company can help you realize and achieve your marketing goals for your newspaper.