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Telemarketing Leads for Newspapers

Telemarketing Leads for Newspapers

The Pisa Group is experienced in developing telemarketing leads and offering telemarketing services specifically for newspapers. We have been working with newspaper subscription sales since our company‚Äôs beginning and we understand the unique challenges faced by newspapers especially in these changing times. We can provide callable leads for any newspaper based on their target location and nearly any other specific criteria. With these telemarketing leads, your company can begin an in-house telemarketing campaign or you can utilize our complete newspaper telemarketing services to design and execute a successful telemarketing campaign for your business.  

To learn more about our telemarketing lead development and Outbound Telemarketing Services for newspapers, please contact our call service center and telemarketing company. We can work with your company to understand your needs and generate a list of telemarketing leads, which you can use to implement a successful telemarketing campaign.

Advantages of Our Telemarketing Leads for Newspapers

Our telemarketing leads for newspapers are the ideal foundation for any telemarketing campaign. As an experienced newspaper telemarketing company, we can generate callable leads with almost any specific criteria in mind. We can then turn these leads directly over to your company or implement a telemarketing campaign with our telemarketing services. We have been managing successful newspaper telemarketing campaigns for years and can help you develop a successful campaign for your company.

Benefits of our telemarketing leads include:

Newspaper Telemarketing Lead Development Services
  • Targeted telemarketing lists: We can create telemarketing lead lists based on any number of demographics or any specific characteristics. This includes simple zip code targeted lists to lists based on specific customer demographic characteristics such as age, income, home value, gender, mortgage and property data, and lifestyle data.
  • Ensure DNC compliance of telemarketing efforts: We compare all of our telemarketing leads against the necessary do not call lists to ensure compliance during your telemarketing campaign.
  • Cost savings: Using our telemarketing lead development services and our complete telemarketing services will reduce your need for additional in-house software, server hardware, and human resources.
  • Complete telemarketing integration: With all of the telemarketing services offered by The Pisa Group for newspapers, we can handle your complete telemarketing campaign including everything from campaign development to lead management.

Who Benefits from Our Telemarketing Lead Development

Our telemarketing lead development services are perfect for any newspaper interested in beginning a successful telemarketing campaign. Whether you already know the precise characteristics of the market that you would like to target or you require marketing database development services in order to narrow in on specific market characteristics, we can help. We can provide telemarketing lists simply based on targeted zip codes or on more specific market demographics such as income or age.

Telemarketing Leads & Your Telemarketing Campaign

After providing you with a list of telemarketing leads, we can then design and implement your telemarketing campaign using our complete telemarketing services for newspapers. If you are interested in executing your own telemarketing campaign in-house, we can simply provide a thorough list of telemarketing leads from which you can implement your campaign.

Developing Telemarketing Leads & Your Telemarketing Campaign

In addition to developing telemarketing leads, we also offer a number of other telemarketing services for newspapers. These include:

Learn more about our Outbound Telemarketing Services available to newspapers by contacting our telemarketing services company.