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Telemarketing & Direct Marketing Services Testimonials

Newspaper Direct Marketing and Customer Service Support for Newspapers | Testimonials

As the largest and oldest actively managed telemarketing and direct marketing services company, The Pisa Group has worked in the newspaper industry with dozens of newspapers in all 50 states. We offer our customer service support and direct marketing services to newspapers located throughout the United States. We have used our direct marketing services to obtain new subscribers for hundreds of the finest newspapers. Our company is able to maintain a prime position in high demand because of the simple fact that…

We provide quality service at a fair price!

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Our Direct Marketing and Telemarketing Services Track Record

At The Pisa Group, our company motto is:

If we cannot do the program to our mutual satisfaction, then we will not do it at all.”

This statement is a commitment to our customers and our employees. We are committed to the fact that we will not compromise the quality of our program in order to keep an account. We shoot straight and right to the point. This philosophy is one main factor that sets us apart from other telemarketing and direct marketing services companies, and it is one thing that our clients appreciate the most when working with us for customer service or direct marketing services.

We aim to achieve success in all of our direct marketing services and telemarketing campaigns. This will help our customers achieve their goals while obtaining cost effective subscriptions and sales. We have set the following service level objects for our available customer service and direct marketing services:

Direct Marketing & Customer Service Support Services
  • Answer Rate – 80% in 20 seconds or less
  • Abandonment Rate – Less than 3% of Total Calls
  • Average Call Length – 3 minutes
  • Saves – 35% or more of all stops
  • NIE Donations – 40% of Vacation Stops
  • Quality Score – 90% or better

Testimonials for our Customer Service & Direct Marketing Services

We have heard that many of our clients say that we are “the best in the business!” This is not something that we take lightly, and we make an effort in every direct marketing service and telemarketing campaign to offer our clients the best service in order to uphold this high standard. To learn more about our available inbound call center services or our outbound telemarketing and direct marketing services, please feel free to contact our call service center.

Previous Customers for Customer Service & Direct Marketing Services

At The Pisa Group, we are a newspaper subscription sales and telemarketing company offering customer service and direct marketing services to some of the finest newspapers across the country. Our references are the finest in the industry and our best advertisement. They are available upon request.