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Why Choose The Pisa Group for Newspaper Sales & Customer Service

Choose The Pisa Group for Newspaper Sales, Telemarketing, and Customer Service Support

As a leading telemarketing company focusing on newspaper sales and retention, The Pisa Group has helped many newspapers throughout the country reach subscription and retention goals. We have the experience and technology needed to help newspapers increase newspaper sales and subscriptions. Our representatives can adapt and respond to customer needs while offering superior customer service, professionalism, and performance.

To learn more about our inbound call center services or our outbound telemarketing services, please feel free to contact us at The Pisa Group. We can develop a telemarketing campaign to help you reach your goals for newspaper sales and retention. With our complete selection of services, we can offer customer service, acquisition, and retention services throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Advantages of Our Newspaper Sales & Customer Service Support Services

At The Pisa Group, we believe that no other outside customer service or telemarketing company can understand your reader expectations better than we do. With more than 20 years in the telecommunications business, specializing in newspaper sales and retention, we have built a reputation based on professionalism, integrity, and performance. We are able to offer superior telemarketing and customer service support to some of the most popular newspapers nationwide.

Our newspaper sales, telemarketing, and customer service company is unique because:

  • We have the ability to adapt and respond quickly to changes in our clients’ needs. Whether it is a need to increase newspaper sales with a telemarketing campaign to the need for customer service support, we can help.
  • Our representatives have been thoroughly trained in newspaper sales, retention, and the unique customer service needs of your readers.
  • We keep our newspaper sales and telemarketing pricing simple with no hidden Telecom charges and no costly incentives for meeting key performance expectations.
  • We have the necessary experience and equipment that allows us to assist you in all aspects of your reader’s lifecycle.
  • Unlike off-shore and many domestic call centers, we recognize and appreciate the culture and nuances of newspapers and their readers.
  • We are experienced in current newspaper sales and marketing philosophies, and we can work with you to communicate and execute your strategies.

Our Advanced Newspaper Sales Technology

At The Pisa Group, we utilize advanced technology and equipment to help you achieve your newspaper sales and subscription goals. We use the latest in predictive dialing technology to achieve maximum productivity during telemarketing campaigns. We can also help organize and implement your direct marketing efforts using specialized databases.

  • Predictive Dialers: Our predictive dialers are the most important technology for creating successful high-volume calling campaigns and evaluating and managing these campaigns. When using our predictive dialers for newspaper sales and telemarketing, each customer will talk with a real person, not a computer. Our dialers organize any newspaper sales campaign by offering database list management, file maintenance, instant account changes and storage, and real-time report capabilities.
  • Direct Marketing: Data, direct mail, and telephone marketing should be an integral part of any newspapers business model. The Pisa Group has a software system that is designed to be your marketing driven database for newspaper sales. This database allows cross-functional departments within your newspaper to import/export, update, view, analyze, and access meaningful customer and non-customer information.

Benefits of our newspaper sales database and system features include:

Newspaper Telemarketing Company for Newspaper Sales and Customer Service
  • PCI compliant
  • Well versed in newspaper database systems, such as: DSI, DTI, and SAP, etc.
  • Full relational database capabilities
  • Complete client-server technology in a PC or server environment
  • Complete data security flexibility – multiple security levels
  • Open systems architecture
  • Easy portability to other platforms including mapping and segmentation programs
  • Ease-of-use; non-technical types can easily grasp and use the functionality
  • Does not require in-house IT support
  • Captures and warehouses historical data
  • Powerful analysis and query tools
  • Daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly data updates